infodrops - your customers cinema

Digital Signage for continuous operation
Digital Signage 24/7/365
Now available!

Infodrops is a Linux based system for easy, smooth and efficient Digital Signage solutions. 2 operating modes for displaying HTML data or pics and videos.
Infodrops works "standalone" or online with control for an unlimited number of installations.

use case - Point of Sale

Place a product presentation close to POS.
Especially complex products can be explained to the customer immediatly without delay.

use case - Outdoor

Infodrops as eye catcher. Outdoor installation are working 24 hours a day, even in closing times.
Show now, what you want to sell when you are open.

use case - shop window

Get your products alive and easy. humans do react on movement. Let your customers discover new views of your products.

use case - Infodisplay

In HTML mode you are able to visualise even complex information..
For live and instant view the device must be online.

use case - Infoterminal

In HTML mode each pointing device can be used with infodrops, as long as linux is supported.
In contrast to this sample, infodrops is working in full screen ode only, this prevents misusage.
You are able to build your own interactive info terminal within a glimpse of an eye .

Offline operation

You can fill the USB Stick with every common PC (Windows/Mac/Linux).
The order is set simply alphanumerical
e.g.: 1_Video_cat; 2_pic_car; 3_Video_dog. Pics and Videos are mix displayed

Online operation

From every place on earth you can manage your presentation, add or delete new files.
There is no limit of installations to be managed.


Infodrops has 2 drill holes on the back to fit on any place.
This is the installation on a 42 inch TV. USB and HDMI are connected directly to TV.
Infodrops starts, when TV gets powered on

How is the device working?

Data ist stored on a high quality USB Stick. You can upload with every common PC. After that, put the stick into the device.
Connect Infodrops with USB power and dem HDMI connection of your TV/Monitor/Beamer for playback.
Infodrops starts immediatly and plays all your pics/videoshtml endless. Installation in just a few minutes.


1. Am I able to change from offline to online mode?
Yes, bjt the config needs first to be load on the stick, or still be resident in device.